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Remi Deagon

Post by Remi Deagon on Fri May 13, 2016 2:01 am

Basic Info:

Full Name: Remi Deagon
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Age: 25 Appearance (Much, Much older)
Occupation: Ambassador between Worlds
Species: Fae

Played by: Jennifer Lopez
Fashion Style: Depends on her mood. Jeans and t-shirts, sundresses, robes
Other Details: Her hair changes colors all the time


Mother: Madori, 1200, living
Father: Andreas, 1300, living
Siblings: Claims all Fae
Family Background:
Madori and Andreas Deagon have been around for many centuries and have seen many things. They worked hard to help keep the balance of the supernatural world. They tried to keep watch over Vincell for a long time and watched many a stupid kid try and fail to get through. They never understood the reason why people would even want to cross over. They raised all of their children to believe that the human world on the other side of Vincell were just bad people and would just want to kill any supernatural people. Although they never had any way to confirm any of this because they had never crossed over.
Personal History:

Remi grew up with the typical life of a Fae and she always seemed to have fun, well at least she tired. Many things were different back then while she was growing up and the things her parents always taught her that they were more superior to the other supernatural races. Remi never thought that about anyone and always tried to be friends with everyone. Of course there were always things that she disagreed with but she always tried to come up with a compromise between her and them. When she finally reached an age that she was considered old enough to be on her own she left.

She found a nice little home to live in and ran a simple little book shop that she seemed to enjoy. Her parents didn’t like it too much that she let anyone and everyone into the shop. Remi didn’t care and wanted to help everyone and that was just what she did. When Vincell burnt out Remi had to admit it surprised her a lot because she had always loved to get lost watching the flames, but once they were burnt out she finally took the chance to cross over and saw the human world for the first time.

She had to admit she had actually fell in love with the human world and its people and could never see what her parents were talking about. They didn’t seem as evil as her parents made them out to be. In fact most of the problems always seemed to be caused by her people more than humans. That was when she took it upon herself to become ambassador between the worlds working close with the Fey family to solve issues that arose. With her many different Fae powers it was easier for her to handle the supernaturals.

Honestly Remi has a few different personalities that tend to come out when they are needed. Her general personality is one of kindness and love for everyone. Of course this personality leads people to believe she is a totally pushover and doesn’t pay attention or lives in a dream world. If they were to piss her off they would find a very different one. She can be very powerful when she needs to and can be rude and mean if the reason calls for it. She can also be very witty and sarcastic when it calls for it.


Control of the elements
Ability to change appearance
Ability to transport self to different places within the realm they are in
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Re: Remi Deagon

Post by Trisha Fey on Fri May 13, 2016 2:11 am

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