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Mike Runner

Post by Mike Runner on Fri May 13, 2016 12:44 am

Basic Info:

Full Name: Mike Runner
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Age: 20
Occupation: Finder
Species: 1/4 Werewolf

Played by: Tom Cruise
Fashion Style: Sleeveless shirt and loose pants
Other Details: Always has a slight grin on the face


Mother: Unknown: Deceased
Father: Unknown: Deceased
Siblings: Unknown: Unknown
Family Background:
Mike Runner was born on the streets. Before he could remember his parents, they were gone. He lives by finding things. Information, objects or people; he finds anything people want him to find. He has had his run-ins with Trisha Fae. They work on the; you owe me, I owe you system.

Personal History:

Mike Runner is a street rat. He will do what he needs to to get by. Without knowing how or why he can sense when danger is just around the corner, when weird things happen and to what and were. This is the part of him that is the wolf.
Mike lives by finding things that others can't or shouldn't find on their own. That is how he first ran into the leader of the local gang, Trisha. His nimble movements were enough to keep him from being killed when he was sent to retrieve the hairbrush that Trisha stole from her sister. This was the start of the two's system for dealing with each other. Mike now owed Trisha a favor for the hairbrush. Many favors have been cashed in at this point but Mike keeps his distance from the gang if he can help it, especially since he still owes Trisha 2 favors.


Mike is a trickster. He will stay out of fights for the most part and try to just get what he came for and get out. That doesn't mean he can't fight. If his back is to the wall, he will fight to get out of the situation. He carries two knives for that case. The knives also help him get in and out of places where others may not try.
Mike also has a release side. He will try just about anything ones. He also sees most things as a joke and has a grin on his face because of it. He may try and be funny as a way to get under your guard, but most of the time he will just try to go unnoticed.


Sixth seance for danger and magic
Very agile
Slightly faster than most people around town
Mike Runner

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Re: Mike Runner

Post by Trisha Fey on Fri May 13, 2016 1:05 am

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