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Trisha Fey

Post by Trisha Fey on Thu May 12, 2016 1:25 pm

Basic Info:

Full Name: Trisha Fey
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Age: 20
Occupation: Leader of Malice
Species: Witch


Played by: Dominique Provost-Chalkley
Fashion Style: Lots of black
Other Details:


Mother: Alissa Fey: (49, Living)
Father: Charles Fey: (51, Living)
Siblings: Elizabeth Fey: (23, Living)
Other: None

Family Background:
The Fey Family is a matriarchal family that has run Feybar since the town creation by Katarina Le Fey. They changed their last name to just Fey as the legend of Morgan Le Fey grew, so they could continue to hide their supernatural nature. Since that time, the Fey family have basically run the town of Feybar. As well, the magic of the family has traveled down to the females of the Fey family.

Personal History:

Trisha knew she wasn’t her parent’s favorite since about the time she figured out about the legacy of her family. She knew in the back of her head that her sister, Elizabeth was getting groomed to be the next Mayor of Feybar. That left Trisha to delve into magic, a placed where she thought she could distinguish herself. Trisha never did get recognition from her parent’s for her impressive magical ability, even as she became extremely proficient. With her parents continued rejection, Trisha turned towards the darker, and more volatile ends of magic, while also training as a physical combatant.
By the time Trisha had reached the age of 18, she was a force to be reckoned with, even by the adults of the Fey family. She had also developed her own band of miscreants that developed into a full fledge gang once Trisha left home. Now Trisha spends her full time running Malice, her gang. She has at least a hand in basically all the illegal activities going on in town at this point, and stands rather publically against most of the rest of her family.


For those who are not on Trisha’s side, she can be a scary person to encounter. Her presence exudes a dangerous power. To those who follow Trisha, she is an inspiring leader, if at times a little abrasive. She has quite the mean streak if you poke her buttons, and the rest of her family is a bigger trigger for her.

Magic specializing in Combat Magic
Skilled Fighter
Trisha Fey

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Re: Trisha Fey

Post by Remi Deagon on Fri May 13, 2016 1:02 am

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