Esmerelda Raes

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Esmerelda Raes

Post by Esmerelda Raes on Thu Jun 02, 2016 7:03 pm

Basic Info:

Full Name: Esmerelda Lilac Raes
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Age: 10000 (Looks 30)
Occupation: Queen of Vampires
Species: Vampire

Played by: Kristen Stewart
Fashion Style: Victorian
Other Details:


Mother: Rosali Esmerelda Raes (200 000, Deceased)
Father: Henric Theodore Raes (300 000, Deceased)
Siblings: Hydra (adopted) (3000, Living)
Other: Same format
Family Background:
The Raes are a family of royal vampires with one exception though Hydra fit in instantly the current head of the family is Esmerelda but she shares the throne with her adopted sister Hydra. Rosali and Henric ruled the vampires for years until they were discovered and killed for being well vampires. After that their two daughters took over as Esmerelda thought she couldn't rule on her own.

Personal History:

Esmerelda took the throne of the vampire kingdom a couple years ago though she ran into trouble and asked her adopted sister for help though they didn't always see eye to eye and in fact often fought. Es just hoped that she could possibly bring Hydra around and mend their relationship though it doesn't seem like it was going to happen. She feels stress but tries to hide it from her sister and others. She grew up learning how to rule


Esmerelda is usually a really quite person though if she feels something is wrong she will stand up for herself or others. She tends to put others ahead of herself though she will seek alone time at times. She can be rather hot headed if you get on her bad side you will be sure to feel her wrath.


Vampire strength/ speed
Day Walker
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Re: Esmerelda Raes

Post by Trisha Fey on Fri Jun 03, 2016 6:36 pm

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