Site Plot (You should probably read if you want to know what's going on)

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Site Plot (You should probably read if you want to know what's going on)

Post by Trisha Fey on Wed May 11, 2016 10:47 pm

For centuries there stood a rather large tree that was known as Vincell which had acted as a gateway between the human and supernatural world for as long as anyone could remember, the gateway of course had doorways on both sides. On the human side the tree stood large and tall overlooking everything around it, but on the supernatural side it showed a very different picture. The Vincell on the supernatural side had always been a burning tree with flames so large they could be seen for miles. The legend had always been told that any creature that could make it through the flames would be transported to a world where they could rule.

Many a creature tried to brave the flame in the early years, known as the Age of Burning, but many more failed than the few who made it through the flames. The only ones known to the supernatural world to have made it through the flames were, Morgan; A witch, Carmilla; the first recorded Vampire, and finally, Dracula; the well known vampire. The well known legend also informed us that if for some reason Vincell ever appeared the same on both sides then the flames of the great tree would die out.

As the years and centuries went by, settlements started to spring up around Vincell on both sides of the tree. On the human side there was a small town called Feybar that had been founded by Katarina Le Fey, the daughter of Morgan Le Fey. Most of the residents of this small town how know idea that they were living at the hub of the supernatural world, or that the giant tree that overlooked their town was the gateway to that world. Over the years Le Fey family changed their name and removed the LE from it calling themselves the Fey family. The Fey family ran the entire town, which included the local town government.

Now unlike the small town on the human side, the supernatural side seemed to explode at the seams and the once small settlements had turned into a sprawling metropolis called Pyrissa. This had sprung up during the age of the burning, along with the Church of Ashes. The Church of ashes was a religion devoted to the worship of Vincell and the people that had successfully walked through the flames of the tree. Every year one of the high ranking members of the church would be chosen to be sent through the flames. They were all hoping they would be strong enough to survive the trip. Along with the chosen few there was always those rebellious teenagers wanting to be stupid and prove themselves to their friends. The chosen ones and the stupid ones were the only ones that go anywhere near Vincell, let alone the flames nowadays.

Things stayed like this for centuries and occasionally there was the supernatural being that was able to survive the flames and pass through and when that happened the Fey family quickly dealt to contain the issue. The general populace of the small town of Feybar was never the wiser either when a supernatural visitor arrived. One day the world that Feybar had come to know had quickly changed when a fire took over the town. The fire spread so quickly that the local Feybar fire department could not keep up with it. Before it could be stopped it had burnt the beloved Vincell to the ground. Of course the towns people had no way to know what damaged this had caused, but the Fey family knew that once Vincell in the human world was gone, then the barrier between the worlds would be broken forever allowing the supernatural beings to roam free into the human world and the once flaming tree would be extinguished forever.

As Feybar tries to rebuild their small town back to his original glory the public was slowly becoming aware of the supernatural world as the beings began to creep their way into the small town. Some of these beings are good and some of them are evil and with them slowly moving in is where our story begins.
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